Top 15 Tips for Snorkeling Molokini Crater


1. Always snorkel with a friend.

2. Keep your hands to yourself. Do not approach coral or marine animals such as turtles.

3. Consider using a flotation device such as a belts or noodle to avoid exhaustion and snorkel longer. Most Molokini tours provide complimentary flotation devices.

4. Do not feed the fish. Molokini Crater boats a unique and delicate eco system that can be damaged by feeding the fish.

5. Avoid adult beverages prior to snorkeling. Most boats open the bar after the water activities are finished.

6. Use a defogger for your mask before you get in the water.

7. Bring or rent a wetsuit top for the chillier months. You will be more comfortable and be able to snorkel longer.

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8. Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen to prevent coral bleaching at Molokini.

9. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before entering the water so it has time to absorb and become more effective.

10. Wait to put your fins on until you are on a swim platform or in the water (you can put your mask on before you enter the water). It is really hard to walk with fins on flat hard surfaces!

11. Keep the mask clear of hair. Some men even use Vaseline to push down your facial hair to get a tight seal on the snorkel mask.

12. Make sure your fins are the right size not too tight to avoid cramping while snorkeling.

13. To stay calm and relaxed, be aware of breathing slow and steady.

14. Look up from time to time to make sure you have not drifted too far from the boat.

15. Most importantly have fun!