Snuba at Molokini Crater


You can take your snorkeling to another level when you experience Snuba diving at Molokini Crater! Snuba is all about having fun! It is similar to diving, but you don’t have to be certified or wear a heavy tank on your back. Instead your air tank is connected to a raft that floats at the water’s surface. How cool is that! When you snuba dive at Molokini Crater,  you will be able to explore 10-15 feet deep underwater for about 15-20 minutes give or take. Some of the fish you might see include the yellow tang, Moorish idol and even the humuhumunukunukuapuaa (the Hawaiian state fish).

The Molokini boat tours that offer snuba also provide you with instruction and a trained Snuba Guide with you throughout your experience. Snuba diving at Molokini crater is extremely popular and tours do book up. The thing is, not all of the Molokini boat trips offer snuba and we wouldn’t want you to book your snorkel tour and then realize you cannot snuba after you are already on the boat. Here is a list of the Molokini snorkel trips that also offer snuba on board.


Aqua Adventures


Ali’i Nui

Lani Kai

Maui Magic

Four Winds